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The History of Cricket

The History of Cricket

The sport that we now know as "cricket" originated somewhere at the tail end of the 16th century. Its early iteration has little to do with the beautiful sport we know and love today, which makes cricket even more of a mystery. The first recorded reference to the game comes from the UK. This is the country that is usually considered to be the birthplace of the game. Thanks to King Edward II and other important historical figures, this game's popularity grew. In the 18th century, it managed to branch out of Britain. When it came to major tournaments, cricket was present as a big deal - the laws were developed and in the 19th century, international cricket got its start.

In the 20th century, it blossomed into a sport that was held in very high esteem. It was named the official national sport of India at one point. The sport enjoys a high level of popularity all across the globe, but it seems to be that the sporting infrastructure around cricket is most prevalent in countries that are emerging markets and India is a great example of that. That said, there's nobody in the entire world who can write India off. This country is the best place for cricket. Let's expand a bit on that before we tackle the subject of online cricket betting. By the way, betting on this sport existed long before the invention of the e-book reader. Or the internet. Or even radio. People really wanted to watch cricket in the days before television was invented - but only on the ground. They wanted to enjoy the experience to the fullest while also monetizing their love/knowledge of the sport. It makes sense to bet on cricket on the ground too, because you can see how the bowler moves, you can see all the tiniest details that impact the game. That's why nowadays we consider spectators at the local stadium to have an edge when it comes to wagering - the price is directly related to the odds.

Cricket in India – What Makes It So Popular?

Cricket in India – What Makes It So Popular?

The fact of the matter is that India isn't the only country in the world that makes cricket such a big deal. It's as big as soccer in a lot of parts of Europe and Africa, but India just takes the cake when it comes to turning cricket into a cultural phenomenon. Let us discuss some of the reasons why this game is so popular and why there's such a huge demand for cricket betting apps India. Let's start off with the basics:

  • It is very easy to play. Before we talk about cricket betting rates and people watching the game, we need to discuss people that play the game. Taking up cricket is very easy and does not require any type of physical fitness, as it's an easy game to play. The thing that's special about this sport is that people just play at non-professional level a bunch before being noticed and turned into the next cricket superstar. There are many rags-to-riches stories, so you can't really lose. Playing cricket means that you've got to be mentally tough and stay focused during all the hours that you're active. Mental dedication is important, but this sport is still easier to play than some of the more complex team sports like football, basketball or soccer.
  • It's very easy to understand. Playing is one thing, but learning the rules and understanding how this sport works is entirely different. It's something that can be done by people that have no real interest in playing the sport. People that, for example, enjoy online cricket betting. You don't really have to go through a meandering Wikipedia article or an online guide in order to be familiar with the basics of the game, you just need to know the basic facts and you're ready to go. Many people get a hang of it on their own. That's why people can watch a game of cricket online and understand it after just a few minutes.
  • It's amazing to watch. If we were to compare the supposedly epic highs and lows of football to what occurs in cricket, it quickly becomes obvious that the pros of the game are far greater than the cons. Players bowl fast, bowl slower, and go for varying lengths of deliveries, there's a lot of action on the field and there are a ton of opportunities for the teams to score a lot. Each game is drama-rich and provides many opportunities for people to just lose their marbles over something. This game is gripping like few other sports and that's why it's so popular.
  • People follow their teams with extreme passion. People really care about their favorite team and even the tiniest cities in India have a team that is playing cricket. Thanks to being able to support your local team, the popularity of this sport is much higher, especially in smaller towns. It's possible that the fans of some teams are more fanatic than people that follow the Lakers or the Panthers in the US. They'll wear their team's colors, get really excited when their team achieves even the tiniest bit of success, etc.
  • The best in the world hail from India. Some of the all-time greatest cricket players come from India. You can talk at length about Sunil Gavaskar, Sachin Tendulkar, and others. These people are among the greatest players of all time and have been considered some of the best sportsmen ever to live. They are much more popular than soccer stars or footballers and are everywhere in the world. The marketing power that India has with their players is immense and that should not be ignored.
  • TATA IPL is very popular and prestigious. It is well-known all over the globe and at least 80% of international online cricket betting is made up of bets made for this tournament. It's been going on for a while and its popularity only seems to grow. The best guess is that it has something to do with the fact that Indian players are better than the rest of the world. There are 74 matches played throughout the season and there's enough drama to last you the rest of your life.
  • India dominates international cricket competitions. The T20 World Cup, the ICC Champions Trophy, you name it. The Indian team is very good at what they do and what they do is show the world exactly why they are considered the best. The other teams aren't all that far behind though and there are certainly many good teams in the world. Many great cricketers have come from India and that's the main reason why people root for the Indian team and why they win a lot.
  • The game was introduced during the British Raj. The Brits presented this game as a rich man's game. A game for the elite. A sophisticated upper class that got to enjoy cricket for free, instead of having to do intense manual labor.
    1984 World Cup win. The aftershocks of this victory still echo in history and give the nation of India a lot of prestige in the world of cricket. The result of that victory allowed India to develop even more so than before.
  • Sachin Tendulkar. The cricketing legend that captained the national team is one of the generation-defining athletes to ever live. He's one of the best batsmen to ever play the game and his numbers speak for themselves. It is very difficult to find anyone else that compares. He's called The God of Cricket and his larger-than-life personality alone helped attract more and more people to the game.
  • Promotion. Even before people were seeking the best betting sites for cricket, the promotion of this game started to kick into overdrive. Everybody was interested in turning cricket into the nation's most favorite game and the advertising budget was gigantic. Thanks to the steady stream of money pouring into the game, players were more likely to make more and more money, resulting in a much more competitive cricketing community. The people were not able to look past that, so they inevitably became more and more involved with the game.
  • Online cricket betting is very profitable. The last reason for this game's continued/growing popularity is the fact that it is very easy to make money if you have even the most rudimentary knowledge of the sport. The more you know, the more you can expect to make. There have been numerous stories that all have the same outcome: the more you know, the more you can expect to make. With that much money being put into the game, with so many amazing sites with high cricket betting odds, it just does not make any sense to ignore this money-making opportunity.
Why Bet on Cricket?

Why Bet on Cricket?

There are plenty of reasons to bet on cricket. If you don't know much about the game, it can be difficult to know just how much you should be betting and how much to bet. That said, this game is very easy to understand. Especially if you're from India. This is the nation's favored game, so people everywhere know it very well. In fact, if you know the rules of the game, you can tell just by reading the scorecard how the game is going.

Below, you will discover the top reasons why cricket betting surpasses betting on football or any other sport in terms of popularity. Let's explore the key factors that make cricket betting so beloved:

  1. Cricket betting offers year-round enjoyment. Unlike many popular sports that have off-seasons during the summer, cricket allows you to place bets throughout the entire year. This consistent availability sets it apart from other sports, ensuring a more reliable and engaging betting experience.
  2. There is a multitude of thrilling leagues to bet on. While the Indian league takes the lead, numerous other options provide ample opportunities to profit from gambling. The variety of leagues, divisions, flights, and group tournaments make it remarkably easy to generate substantial earnings by strategically selecting winning teams.
  3. Extensive statistical knowledge is not a prerequisite for success in cricket betting. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to be a statistics expert on every player to make profitable bets in cricket. Although statistics play a significant role in the game, their influence is less pronounced compared to other sports like soccer. In cricket, understanding the game itself and having the courage to make bold decisions matter more than memorizing individual player stats.
  4. The market offers an array of exciting options for online cricket betting apps in India. While 1xBet stands as the dominant choice, several other mobile apps provide convenient ways for bettors to make money on the go. These options shouldn't be overlooked. Among them, the free 1xBet app reigns supreme, consistently topping the charts for both Android (APK) and iOS. By utilizing this user-friendly mobile platform, you can bypass the hassles of setting up accounts and searching for suitable betting websites.

Betting on cricket has never been more accessible or rewarding than with the exceptional 1xBet app. Experience the thrill of cricket betting with just a few taps on your mobile device.

1xBet: Background Information

1xBet: Background Information

Before we proceed, it's crucial to understand that this company holds immense respect in the gambling market. It stands as an exceptional choice for many due to its reputation as one of the finest bookmakers for cricket betting. Originally established in 2007 as a brick-and-mortar betting casino, the company later expanded its reach by offering online gambling services. This decision proved to be groundbreaking, as it propelled them into becoming the international gambling powerhouse we recognize today. Not only is it the largest cricket betting site, but it also excels in catering to various other sports. This distinction matters because it solidifies the company as a superior betting option, regardless of the sport you choose.

Year Established  2007
Welcome Bonus  YES
Licensed  YES
Why Bet on Cricket on 1xBet?

Why Bet on Cricket on 1xBet?

Here are the biggest advantages that people that visit 1xBet can freely enjoy. These are the reasons why it makes the most sense to use this gambling platform as a place where you win big by betting on cricket and any other game. They include:

  • Stellar betting application. In this day and age, it is pivotal to have an amazing betting app on your phone and this is why 1xBet stands above other companies in its industry. There is a huge range of features that gamblers enjoy. Listing some of the most important ones would take up a lot of space, but they are all a big part of what makes this betting app stand out. You can easily download it no matter what kind of phone you have and you will get to enjoy the best cricket betting app at its finest. The application was fine-tuned to serve all needs, from regular cricket fans to professionals who understand the game very well. It was also made to suit all devices since it is not very complicated for those who are new to cricket-based betting. Their services were tested thoroughly and no wonder they are trusted by so many people. With all that said, it really is essential to have a good sports betting app on your phone. It is also important for any bookie to have a good app, which is obvious.
  • Exclusive bonuses. Before you make your first bet, you can enjoy this company's generous welcome offer. It is entirely possible to double or perhaps even triple your winnings by choosing 1xBet. It is a way for this company to thank new users for choosing the obviously superior option. The company also rewards loyalty since they offer a wide variety of bonuses that can be applied to the next bets. The welcome bonus (up to 26.000 INR with promo code) is only a small part of the overall package and you are really meant to use it in conjunction with the entire suite of services offered by the company. This way, you will be even more well-versed in what you are getting, which is a huge advantage for anyone who bets on cricket.
  • Best cricket betting odds on the market. There have been enough comparison and research pieces to point out the obvious - 1xBet offers some of the best odds on cricket. You can really make a fortune if you make this gambling company your go-to option for placing bets on the wonderful game discussed in this text. Thanks to the fact that these odds are the best on the market, it is also a lot easier to bet on cricket since you will find that you have many choices.
  • Many withdrawal and deposit options. Every cricket betting site has to have a plethora of options when it comes to making a deposit. However, 1xBet has such a great selection that you are unlikely to find a better option. There is no requirement to deposit large amounts of cash, either. If you have the time and patience, you can deposit a larger sum, but the minimum deposit amount is currently €1 for most payment venues and that is a very generous amount. You also get the option of withdrawing your money at any given point in time and enjoying INSTANT funding.
Most Profitable Types of Cricket Bets

Most Profitable Types of Cricket Bets

Even though it's fully possible to make money with any kind of bet on cricket, there are certain bet types that will yield the most cash. 1xBet has a number of options available to bet on, which means that there is definitely a number of different types of bets that you can select from in order to enjoy the biggest payouts.

The first type of profitable bets that you should pay attention to is WINNER BET. The gist of it is very simple as you will end up winning big if you make the right predictions. There are a lot of ways to go about making this kind of bet successful, but the best strategy is to simply use a bit of knowledge to predict the results of the match. There are a number of websites that offer regular reports of the results of the matches that you should check out if you are looking for assistance. Picking outright winners is not always the easiest task, but people that learn how to use information to their advantage are very likely to be successful.

Second, you can make money by selecting the TIED MATCH betting route. Predicting a winner is one thing, but predicting whether or not a match will end in a draw requires less knowledge and intuition. This is one bet that you can very easily win if you make the right predictions. This is a great way to make a bit of money from the sport you follow. There are only two options available, which makes this one simpler - a match either ends in a draw or it doesn't. There's little to no guesswork as far as this type of gambling goes.

SERIES WINNER has you betting on the winner of the series, not a specific match. There are many different variables that go into predicting which team will emerge victorious after a series of matches, so there's a greater degree of risk involved, but as it's always the case, the rewards are way too great to not play. The 1xBet website is currently your best bet in case you are prepping to pick series winners in the ongoing cricket completion.

TOP BATSMAN is also a great option for those that don't want to predict the winner of the match. Even though figuring out who the best batsman is going to be is far from easy, there are some interesting ways to predict who will score more. People usually factor in past performances, current fitness, and several other things that you would be able to use to determine who is going to be the best batsman. Since this bet is more difficult, the possible winnings are very big. It is difficult to predict the top bowler but the research that you are going to put in is going to pay off in the long run.

  • Is cricket betting online legal?

    The question of whether or not betting on cricket is legal was brought up time and time again. As of right now, there are no laws prohibiting Indian citizens from enjoying gambling. You can enjoy big winnings and more as you explore the lucrative opportunities offered by bookies such as 1xBet.

  • How do I win a cricket bet?

    Winning a bet in cricket is usually done through predicting a certain outcome. In order to always win while betting on cricket, you need to deepen your knowledge of this game or use other sources of information in order to have the advantage over your bookie.

  • Which cricket betting app is genuine?

    There are zero doubts that India is one of the best sports betting countries on the planet. Moreover, India has two excellent sportsbooks that are accessible to every sports fan, one of them being 1xBet. It is that gambling company that offers the best betting experience for all players.